3 Rubik's cube competitions in India

3 Rubik’s cube competitions in India


A Rubik’s cube competitions is one of the most interesting toys present in the market today. Despite its endless variations and transformations, a simple plain Rubik’s cube is still one of the people’s most trusted and favourite toys. 

Invented by Erno Rubik’s to help his architecture students learn 3-dimensional figures, he came up with the idea of Rubik’s cube which turned out to be revolutionary in the world of toys. 

Exciting and mind-stimulating, A Rubik’s cube has several benefits ranging from improving critical skills, problem-solving skills, and analytical skills, to help in getting rid of minute bad addictions such as nail-biting or hair picking. Moreover, practising Rubik’s cube continuously helps in improving dexterity and finger movement. 

It has also been scientifically proven that solving Rubik’s cube helps in relieving anxiety and stress. 

Over the years, Rubik’s cube has gained a lot of popularity amongst people. There have been several tournaments and challenges that revolve around this magnificent twisty puzzle

Some challenges are so quirky and exciting that the audience gets on the edge of their seats while experiencing these amazing challenges. Challenges like solving cubes underwater or while hanging upside down, in fact, there are challenges such as solving Rubik’s cubes while juggling or with both hands and feet. 

Some several tournaments and competitions are held for Rubik’s cube solver. These competitions are really exciting and captivating and require a lot of perseverance and hard work in order to achieve a relevant title. 

Some of the great Rubik’s cube solving competitions in India are,

Redbull Rubik’s cube world cup

A very stimulating and one of the most honoured world cups present. These tournaments take Rubik’s Cube solving to some other level. This tournament has seen the best cubers and has given a lot of recognition to these cubers. There are different parts to this tournament that target the cubers of different levels. This cubing tournament happens in India and is one of the most significant cubing tournaments.

National cube selection championship

A great competition is held in India once every year, this competition or tournament helps in identifying the best cubers in the country. From speedcubers to the ones solving different variations of Rubik’s cube, the National cube selection championship brings out the best cubing talent in India and pushes the person to conquer more horizons. 

Cubelelo speedcubing pro league

An online speedcubing competition that is perfect in times like these. Cubelelo speedcubing pro league has a limited number of seats and is a celebrated tournament for pro cubers. Designed excitingly, this tournament brings out the best in cubers and gives them a refreshing and competitive edge. A great cubing tournament is great for the ones who have mastered the art of cubing and have practised religiously. 

Other tournaments

Some other great tournaments that you can keep your eye upon are:

Summers open Rubik’s cube competition

Monsoon international speedcubing competition

Grand InterNational speedcubing tournament

Winters online international speedcubing tournament

Cubelelo speedcubing unlocked

Rubik’s cube team speedcubing competitions

And many more.

All of these people who become a part of these tournaments or competitions are masters at solving Rubik’s cubes. But, what needs to be noticed is that they didn’t become masters overnight. They practised and failed and practised again, but never gave up until they finally succeeded and reached their final destination. 

Solving Rubik’s cube is really a tough task. Where it takes us a week to get to the right solution of the Rubik’s cube, these people solve it as if it’s just a piece of cake. 

Solving a Rubik’s cube has several benefits, starting from improving analytical skills, critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills, to helping in getting rid of minor addictions such as nail-biting or hair picking, and many others. Apart from this, practising solving Rubik’s cube also helps in improving the agility of fingers and also helps in practising dexterity. 

Rubik’s cube is also a great way to relax while keeping your brain active. You can just keep this magnificent toy in your pocket and try to solve it before the meetings to get relaxed or even after it, just play with it anytime to get yourself relaxed and vibrant for the next one. 

If you feel inspired, and want to venture on the journey of solving a Rubik’s cube, then we have just the right thing for you. 

Order yourself a Rubik’s cube from India’s leading online cube store- Cubelelo, and get a premium quality Rubik’s cube delivered to your doorstep. 

Cubelelo has helped a great number of people in achieving their cube dreams, next could be you. 

Happy cubing!

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