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When most people think about jobs that are faith based, they immediately think of a preacher, pastor, priest, or some other form of religious leader. While these are definitely Christian or faith-based career options, Christian based careers are far from limited to these as career options.

In fact, there are many faith-based employers and careers that can be enjoyed by those who want to work in different settings. Also keep in mind that even if an organization is not faith based, the work can still be done for God as part of a calling to help others in some way. This article will explore some options for Christian based careers that many may overlook.

Professional Christian Translation

Christian translation is one career that is also a ministry opportunity. Christian translation is obviously focused on translating from one language to another, but it expands out much further than most people realize. Professional Christian translation is about translating written, voice, digital, and audio materials into a new language.

This type of Christian based career requires in-depth training as well as specialized knowledge. Even with the specialized training, there are niches within the translation world, even when Christian based. Some translators work as voice actors to translate, some focus on music, and still others work only with longer texts, like whole book translation.

This is a rapidly growing, mostly internet-based option that is often a work from home position. While this may not be as interactive as some other options on this list, but it can make a huge difference by helping to share the Gospel with those who may not otherwise have access to Christian materials in their native language.

Professional Christian Counselor

Though some people may deny it, counseling is something that is needed by many in our world. Even Christians sometimes struggle with outside issues and while mainstream counseling may help, it is always nice to have a counselor that will also discuss the spiritual aspects of those same issues. A professional Christian counselor is one that hold s a degree in psychology or as a counselor and has also studied or is well versed in Christian theology and the Bible.

Most will advertise as Christian counselors, but Christian counselors can also work in secular offices and simply use a Christian based model for their therapy practice. This is a wonderful career option for those who want to be faith-based, help others, and still earn a reasonable living wage. Christian psychologists may or may not prescribe medications if needed, but most will focus on talk therapy, prayer, and other areas of treatment first.

Christian School Teacher

  Any teacher can be a Christian, but those in public schools are not allowed to discuss Christian principles in the classroom as part of the general curriculum. However, if you hold a teaching degree, it can be used in conjunction with your Christianity at a Christian school.

Teachers of every grade level are needed to teach not only every subject matter, but also Christian principles and theology. If you are a teacher it is easier to transition into a Christian school and be able to share your faith than out of one and no longer be legally allowed to discuss your faith as part of the curriculum, at least for most. This is a wonderful way to be an influence on the youth of the world in every subject area while remaining faith-based.

Christian Deejay

 This is not a Christian based job that many people would think of, but there are Christian radio stations that require deejays that are also Christian and familiar with that style of music. Christian deejay jobs are dependent on the market and number of positions available at a given station.

This is a wonderful job for those musically inclined and trained as a deejay or talk show host in the Christian realm. It is also an opportunity to get out and meet many people at events and off-site set-ups where music is offered.

Administrative Church Careers

Not all churches require a form of paid administration, but some do and this is a great way to both live and work in your Christian faith. Just as in any business, an office administration staff is responsible for a range of duties.

This may include scheduling events, planning, budgeting, bookkeeping, and other secretarial jobs. In a church setting, this means you are serving as a face for the church or working behind the scenes to keep things running.

Almost any career allows you to be a Christian and have a career, but some careers are promoted as faith based because that is what is expected and wanted. Some require higher levels of training than others, but all will be fulfilling if they are enjoyed by the person doing the job.

If Christian based careers are what you desire, there are many ways to find these types of jobs online.

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