Five Outdoor Curtains to Create Your Private Oasis


Outdoor curtains are decorative accessories that may give flair to your home and spice up your backyard. They are available in a different range of colors, patterns, and materials that fit best in your home. It can be difficult to find the right curtain for the outdoor area.

An outdoor space is versatile. It can be one’s comfort zone or a place to entertain guests, friends, and family. However, if the sun is too hot, or the weather is windy, or if your neighbors are too close to your porch rail, made-to-measure custom curtains might do the trick. But be careful in making your choice. You must have enough idea how to find the right one.

In this post, you will find the five best custom curtains for the outdoors to create your private oasis. Keep on reading because you might find the best outdoor curtain for your home!

UV-Resistant Outdoor Curtains

Custom curtains made specifically to resist the intense sun may add style to your outdoor space. It can also protect you from harmful UV radiation. With these UV-Resistant outdoor curtains, it can secure your patio, deck, or outdoor area from the sun.

The UV-Resistant outdoor curtains are made of light-blocking fabric material. The fabric material of these custom curtains provides an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 50, which implies that only 2% of the sun’s rays can pass through and is also both resistant to water and stain.

Weather-Resistant Outdoor Curtains

You can never go wrong with custom curtains to be durable, have a soft and thick material, and is weatherproof. These outdoor curtains provide more protection against all types of weather, may it be sunny, windy, or heavy rain.

They make this type of curtain with more durable material, specifically with a 100% polyester fabric that keeps the textile dry for a much longer time. It can also block sunlight and protect you from being directly exposed to sun rays with over 500 hours of protection from UV rays. These outdoor curtains can also keep the rainwater out, which is adaptable to rainy and snowy days.

Since the fabric is thick, it is opaque to ensure you are getting enough privacy in your own space while still allowing some brightness to penetrate the area.

Acrylic Outdoor Curtains

Acrylic fabric is the ideal choice for outdoor curtains. Mold, stains, water, and even mildew are all resistant to this sort of cloth. They make this type of outdoor curtains with added durability, UV-protective materials, breathable, and also air-dry quickly. It is also fade-resistant, stain-resistant, and has minimal stretching and shrinking. Acrylic outdoor curtains also come with several designs such as striped design, bright summery hues, and versatile neutrals, which can also resist fading.

Sheer Outdoor Curtains

Bugs, mosquitoes, and other outdoor insects are some of the problems with outdoor areas. That is why custom curtains are designed to keep away the bugs, mosquitoes, and other insects while maintaining a bright atmosphere. A sheer outdoor curtain is ideal for this purpose.

The material of this custom curtain is soft flowing and sometimes comes with a rod to be tie back. The reason for this design is to let a little bit of sunlight in, cut down insect invasion and provide privacy.

Patterned Outdoor Curtains

A bold print of custom curtains can make your outdoor living area stand out. Patterned design sometimes includes a tropical pattern with palm leaves, lots of lush plants, and some natural textures that bring a tropical and summer vibe. An Abstract print is also a top pick for pattered design which insinuates a mystery feeling in the outdoor area.

The most commonly used fabric in this type of design is a lightweight fabric that repels moisture, stains, and sunlight. This type of curtains is also machine-friendly and easy to care for.


Those are the five best outdoor curtains to create your private oasis. These custom curtains options cater to your home needs giving you privacy, comfort, and suitable design. The best thing about made to measure custom curtains is you can have the design and measurement that you want. Yorkshire Fabric Shop offers all of these varieties. So what are you waiting for? Order your curtain now!

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