Why Should Students Refer to Textbooks for Board Exams

Why Should Students Refer to Textbooks for Board Exams


You may have already understood why it is important to refer to textbooks during board exams. The important thing is to choose the right books and study materials and refer to them. The purpose of this article is to give students information about textbooks and their advantages. For the most effective preparation for board exams, you can make use of a variety of reference materials. 

In the same way as NCERT books are the best for CBSE students, state-recommended textbooks are the best for you if you are studying in the State Board. If you are a Gujarat Board student, you may find the GSEB textbook particularly helpful. In addition to textbooks and other resources, you will also need a lot of other reference materials.

We have listed below a few reference materials that can help when you are preparing for the board exams.

Resources to Prepare for Boards 

Here, we provide a list of resources that can assist you in gaining a good understanding of the important topics of each subject for the classes, as described in the article.

  • Consult the syllabus to get an idea of the topics covered and prepare for the exam.
  • The textbooks assist in understanding and revising the subject thoroughly for board exams.
  • You can use sample papers to familiarize yourself with a wide range of questions at various levels of difficulty.
  • You can time the exam papers and write your answers more effectively with mock tests. 
  • Practising past years’ papers helps one to self-evaluate preparation for exams. 
  • Taking notes helps you recall important points about major subjects. 

You will also find that textbooks play an important role in preparing for exams. In this section, we will explore some advantages of consulting textbooks before exams. 

 Benefits of Referencing Textbooks During Exams

What makes a textbook a good textbook boils down to why we refer to it. It has already been established that textbooks prescribed by the state board or the specific board are the most useful. Continuing further, let us examine a few advantages of textbooks while studying for the board exams:

  • The best resource to refer to, when studying for exams and struggling to understand anything, is a textbook. 
  • The textbook elaborates clearly and concisely on the important topics of the subjects. 
  • In the prescribed textbooks for a specific class, there are a lot of practice questions and problems for you to solve.
  • If you are having trouble answering question papers, textbooks are the best resource.
  • Getting acquainted with topics by reading the textbooks is the best method. 
  • Textbooks can be used to revise subjects before exams.

In conclusion, this article emphasizes once again, the importance of books when preparing for exams. No matter which State Board you choose or CBSE, whether you are in Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, textbooks are important. TN Board students, for instance, will be able to score well in board exams, if they use the State Board prescribed Samacheer Kalvi books. This will help them get a proper foundation in the subject. 

Meanwhile, here is a tip that is important for you. Reading five times will not help you remember things, but you can improve your memory by practising writing. We hope you will read this, and follow the tips and suggestions to get the best results in the board exams. 

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