Printer Not Activated Error

How to solve Printer Not Activated Error Code 30


The printer has become a crucial gadget for various businesses. It is also an important device for home use for school and university projects. New printer devices offer simple interfaces and multiple functions. Users can easily connect the printer to their PC/phone and take the printouts. However, few users get the error code 30 while using the printer. 

Reasons behind printer not activated error

  1. Your printer device is not connected correctly
  2. The printer can’t find the driver
  3. No ink in the cartridge
  4. Cartridge error on the printer
  5. Paper jamming
  6. Printhead or fuser is not working
  7. The printer memory is full
  8. Your print job gets stuck

Resolving printer not activated error code 30:

Restart your printer and PC

Many times, your printer shows the error code 30 when it can’t find the resources. While taking the printouts, when the PC is unable to provide the resources to your printer, it shows the error. You can try restarting the printer. When you restart these devices, all the resources will become available and then the printer will immediately find them. Retry to take the printouts after restarting the devices.

Run the printer troubleshooter 

When restarting the printer doesn’t fix the error, you can try the troubleshooting utility tool. Windows devices have a printer troubleshooting tool that can repair your printer errors. Whenever you are wondering why is my printer not responding then you should immediately run the printer troubleshooter. Go to the Settings tab and then hit Update and Security. Now tap on the Troubleshoot option and choose Printer. Run the printer troubleshooter on your device and then check for your printer error code 30.

Reconnect the printer 

Whenever you get the printer not activated error, check for its connection. You will get the error if the printer is not connected correctly. Go to the device and then inspect the printer connection. Users should check the cable for kinks and cuts. When using a printer on the network, check the router. Disconnect the printer and try reconnection. Enable the printer’s Wi-Fi button and then click on the WPS button. When your printer gets connected to the router; retry to take the printouts.

Remove the stuck print job

The print job gets stuck and starts showing the error. You can’t use the device until you remove that job from the queue. Users can remove the stuck print job from the spooler.

  1. Open the computer and tap on the run tab
  2. Type services. msc and check for all the services
  3. Select the print spooler from the list and right-click on it
  4. Hit on the Stop button 
  5. Open the Printers folder inside the spool and delete all the files
  6. Open the services window 
  7. Restart your printer spooler

When the Print Spooler appears, tap on the Start button and your print queue will get cleared.

Repair the printer driver

Your printer won’t respond when some of the printer driver files are not working. Without the driver, your printer can’t understand the command. Open the computer and go to your printer driver. Firstly, check for the new update. When the driver is showing errors due to corrupted files then you can run the driver repair tool. In case, you can’t find a driver repair tool then uninstall your corrupted driver from the computer. Open the printer’s site and get a new driver.

Refill ink on the printer

The printer stops working when the cartridge is empty. You have to refill the cartridge immediately. Users can get a new cartridge but it costs a lot. Don’t purchase the clone cartridges as they may start showing other errors and can also ruin the print quality. Purchase the ink and refill it on the cartridge. Now install the cartridge and now you can use your printer. 

Inspect your cartridge

Some users get error code 30 when the printer can’t find the cartridge. Many times, the cartridges didn’t install correctly and then the printer can’t find them. Uninstall all the cartridges from the printer. The user must get the empty status for all the slots. Now install the cartridges one by one and your printer will immediately recognize your cartridges and then you can take your printouts. 

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