Celebrations in New Normal


Have you ever thought that wearing masks will be considered a new normal situation? No one has ever thought that by staying away from each other we will protect each other. Now masks and social distance are our new best friends, and by being with them we cannot only safeguard ourselves but also our loved ones. This pandemic situation is new to all of us, and we are trying our best to adapt ourselves to this. 

Gone are the days when we were used to freely moving here and there, going on vacations, meeting and greeting each other, celebrating parties and festivals together. We all are caged in our homes so that we can protect ourselves and our family and stop the spread of the coronavirus. 

It’s been almost one and a half years since we were in this situation. Life has become harder than before. People have lost their jobs, businessmen have faced financial crises, many people have lost their loved ones and the suffering goes on. All this negative news has affected not just physical health but mental health too. 

Amidst this pandemic situation, festivals are a mood changer. We can definitely try to be happy and celebrate the festivals that are round the corner. Festivals refreshes us and fills our life with new hopes and energy that is very necessary, especially in this pandemic situation. Festivals replenish the soul and fill it with new and positive vibes. 

Wondering how to celebrate festivals in this new normal situation? I will tell you how. 

Sending gifts-

Apart from all the negative situations around, there is still something that is spreading positivity, and that something is online delivery services. Everything is shut in this pandemic situation, still the online services are working, and we should take advantage of these services. Gift exchanging ceremonies have been prevailing in human society since ages, and it becomes more intense during festival season. But unfortunately, we can’t meet each other in this pandemic situation but still can send gifts via these online services. Online gift market is blooming these days and providing a plethora of options in gifting. From season gifting to occasional gifting, birthday gifts to anniversary gifts, the options are uncountable. You can send gifts online to your loved ones and show your presence without being present. 

Celebrating together-

Festivals are all about togetherness. The festival gives us the chance to replenish the forgotten relations and rejuvenate it with new and positive vibes. But this pandemic has compelled us to stay at home. We cannot enjoy our festivals as we used to before the pandemic struck the world. Still, I feel that celebration should go on as these festivals are the only way we can divert our minds from the negativity that is all around us and feel a bit of positivity. We can celebrate occasions together by being on video calls and celebrating moments together. Rakshabandhan is approaching, and all the brothers and sisters must be missing each other. So not to let this pandemic hinder our celebrations, you can send rakhi to your brother, and brothers can send gifts to their sisters online. You can celebrate the occasion by being on the video call on that day. 

Celebrations at home-

Apart from the festivals, there are a few days that are meant to be celebrated like father’s day, mother’s day, birthdays, anniversaries etc. Earlier we used to plan these celebrations outside our home, but now in this pandemic it is not possible. So you can definitely celebrate them at home. You can decorate your house according to the occasion, dress up, order cakes, flowers, gifts and even the meal for that day via online delivery services and celebrate at the comfort of your home. You can plan to take a bubble bath, binge watch movies and web series, have a candle-lit dinner at your terrace etc. There are a number of ways you can make your special days more special by even being at home. 

So don’t let the pandemic ruin your festivals and special days. Celebrate it with great zeal and enthusiasm. Life is all about enjoying these moments. Celebrations should go on even in this situation. So try out these ideas of celebrating the festivals at home amidst the pandemic situation. Avoid going to crowded places, wear masks and maintain social distance. Protect yourself and your family. Together we can stop the spread of this coronavirus.

Stay safe and stay healthy. 

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